About Us

We are the leader in the field of Boring Machine, Crusher, Milling equipment, Sand Making Machine, and Parts for heavy factories. Our machines cover a full range of mining equipment, quarrying equipment, and mobile crushing screening equipment for material processing requirements for mining, quarrying, demolition and recycling industries.

We are committed to improving your productivity and profitability.

Our continuously improved mining and rock excavation equipment and tools, services, and technology solutions cover areas such as rock drilling, rock cutting, crushing and screening, loading and unloading, tunnelling, quarrying and crushing and demolition. Regardless of topography, material or ground hardness, we will ensure that we provide you with the right solution to maximize your productivity and profitability.

productivity and profitability

Why We are Different

In order to meet the domestic customer demand for mature and high-quality imported products, we introduce and absorb a large number of imported brands of mining machinery and components to achieve domestic customers to their existing imports of equipment daily maintenance and replacement purposes, to provide customers with personalized services and solutions.

The equipment we provide can completely replace its corresponding imported brand equipment, and the parts we provide can be fully applied to its corresponding imported brand equipment. We have an experienced, skilled, responsive technology, sales and service team, to provide customers with personalized technical advice, system design, construction and installation, operation and commissioning, maintenance and operation training and other services. Our team has always been committed to the foreign advanced technology, mature quality, scientific ideas and domestic customer requirements of the actual work conditions, to reduce the overall cost of customers and to provide customers with the largest comprehensive income as our market positioning and pursuit of goals.

Leading-Edge Products

China's well-known suppliers and service providers for mining, construction and gravel plants and other projects to provide quality products and services.